Another wonderful year has passed,  filled with wonderful memories and various events. When we look back we see 14 successful years . Batches came and went,  infrastructure changed but the love for lVlOSC still remain unchanged.

College union for the year 2015-16 was sown into power with the college day celebrations “IGNlTE” on 3rd December 2015. The formal function was inaugurated by Dr. Jose Chacko Periappuram,  chief cardiac surgeon & HOD,  LISIE Hospital,  Ernakulam which was followed by college magazine release and poetry book release of Dr. Chitralekha (for. HOD dept of pediatrics) which was followed by a vibrant show by students and teachers. Arts,  sports,  social service clubs were formed under the leadership of respective secretaries.

Though the college union officially came into action only from this day, we had conducted Diwali the festival of lights,  in a fun and spirited way under the leadership of 2012 batch with Dewali sweets,  crackers and fun games.

Christmas was celebrated in a fun and spirited way. Games were organized in front of a beautifully decorated mess with Christmas cake distribution among the students,  made the evening one of the fun and floric. With the cooperation of the 2011 batch, the college union sold Christmas cards designed by our students to staff and students and money collected was donated to dept: Developmental paediatrics. Our college had also participated in a carol song competition and Christmas carol organized by the hospital.

On January 27th 2016 college union organized a “MUSlC FEASTA”a musical programme by the CCB Orchestra on the Orchestra team lead by blinds in our college and a sum of Rs. 75000/ collected from faculties and students were donated for the welfare of their inmate. College of nursing and Inters of our college had given their contributions too.

Valentine 's Day was the next celebration in the line flowers were distributed to and from loved ones and friends,  along with a variety of games,  music's added little fun to the day with an unforgettable dinner. In the same month college union organized an inter batch table tennis competition. Our college represented in cultural festival hosted by M A College Kothamangalam and grabbed appreciation from all. In the month of April cricket ground was filled with ball and bat.KPL cricket Tournament with 4 team managed by Dr. Sujith sir Dr.  Job sir, Dr. Sreekumar, Dr. Hithesh.Both students and staff participated and avengers team emerged as the champions

Under the leadership of college union our college participated in inter zonal football cricket and badminton competition and made many achievements.

Arts club under the college union conducted arts fest "crape Dem2016" in the month of May. Students were divided in to many team and cash prizes were distributed to the winners. Arts fest came to an end with Arts day celebration with a mind-blowing performance by a iband lead by Sallel and Jeo.

Onam celebration was held on September 2nd and 3rd a two day programme including thiruvathira,  onakalikal like uriyadi sack race,  theetamalsaram,  pillow fight,  the next day with pulikalli and pookalamalsaram and a grand oonasadya for all students and faculties arranged in the mess Social service club under the college union organized a Children’s day celebrations in the pediatric ward and classes were delta on importance of breast feeding and child care. Social service club actively maintained a blood donation group among the students.

Social service club raised an astonishing amount of Rs. 1,400,000 throughout the year which were effectively used to meet the needs of many poor people Mess committee had worked hard to ensure the good quality of the food.

Movie club under the college union organized shows in regular intravels.

All these task would not have worked smoothly without the cooperation of our secretary Mr. Joy P Jacob sir. Our Dean Dr. Rex Thomas sir,  asso:dean Dr. Krishnankumar Diwakar sir, The staff advisors the maintenance department the audio visual department seniors especially our beloved seniors of 2011 batch and my juniors.

I also thank my batch mate,  the batch of 2012 who have been with us in every step of the way and many others who directly and indirectly helped us throughout the year College union for the year 2015-16 expresses its heartfelt gratitude to all.

Hope you all had a fun year and wishing all the best to our successor's. THIS IS COLLEGE UNION 2015-16 SIGNING OFFF!!!!!!!!

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