General Medicine


  • General ward with 180 beds
  • High dependency unit with 12 beds
  • Intensive Care Unit with 18 beds
  • Faculty and residents rooms as per IMC recommendations

We can plan for 8 PG admissions by 2025 and we require 5 more Assistant Professors for this (Total 11 Assistant Professors).
Measures to improve general ward admission (minimum of 70% to 80% of bed strength) This can be done by

  1. Reducing the general ward expenses for the patients (only cost of medicines and investigations to be charged).
  2. All admissions to medicine and concerned specialties from casualty should be to medical wards to increase bed occupancy and patients transferred to concerned specialties on the next day.
  3. Fully computerized OP and IP care with paper less record keeping.
  4. Boosting of research to enrich medical treatment and increased pace of published papers.
  5. Work together for patient friendly centre of excellence.

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