Obstetrics and Gynecology

Research Papers

  • Case Report: Acute intestinal obstruction complicating pregnancy: diagnosis and surgical management”.  BMJ Case Reports 2014.
  • Emergency peripartum hysterectomy for primary PPH - An obstetrician’s challenge”.
  •  “Tuberculosis in pregnancy: Varying presentations”.
  • ” Emergency Laparotomy and death in ectopic pregnancy: A rarity now a days/ A descriptive study of ectopic pregnancy cases in tertiary care hospital”.
  • “Caesarean scar ectopic Pregnancy”.
  •  “Caesarean Myomectomy - Versatile Procedure for management of fibroid at C section”.
  • “Comparison of metformin with glyburide  in gestational diabetes: A double blind randomized clinical trial”.
  • “Prevalence of Respiratory Pathogens in Ventilated Patients:  A study from South India”.
  • “Cytology of uterine cervix by pap smear – A study from south India”.
  • ” Multiple Gestation and their outcome: A study from a rural teaching hospital in South India”.

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