The Department of Pathology is conducting Theory and Practical Classes for the following courses conducted in the institution- MBBS, BSc Nursing, DMLT & GIETTC

Students admitted per year is as follows:-
MBBS : 100 students / yr
BSc Nursing : 60
DMLT : 11
Gastro Intestinal Therapeutic Technician course ( GIETTC ) : 4/yr

Academic Activities

All the staff are actively involved in undergraduate teaching including integrated teaching.
The academic activities for the MBBS students are aimed at developing the skills and attitude in the students,  in addition to imparting knowledge. Before each practical class pre- test will be conducted so that the students will revise the theory part.

The following  programs  are incorporated in the undergraduate MBBS schedule in addition to the routine lectures and  practicals.

1) Case study: Each student makes an in depth study of a clinical case in which the biopsy/ surgical specimen has been reported from the department and present the case as a case study.
Objective :

  • To develop a holistic view of the disease in the students.
  • To know the relevance of the study of Pathology in relation to the symptoms and signs of the patient and to arrive at a clinicopathological correlation.
  • To overcome inhibition to present before an audience.
  • As a training to prepare a case report for future publication

2) Preparation of self learning modules by students: Students are divided into groups of 2-3 and they prepare a self learning study module on a particular topic allotted to them.  It includes a case history with the gross and microscopy of the lesion.  The format is as questions and answers
Objective: In addition to the objectives No 1 to 3 as above this makes the study of pathology more interesting.

3) Project: Small projects for study are given to the students to be completed in a period of 6 months.
Objective: to train the students in conducting a pilot research project.

4) Presentation of the gross & histopathology of the slides:In each practical class a student presents the gross and microscopy of the lesion to be studied.  This is done under the supervision of a staff member.
Objective: 1) To expose the students to oral presentation before an audience so that they
overcome their inhibition and improve their communication skills.
2) To make the student study the topic in depth

5) Seminars: Seminars on selected topics are conducted by the students
Objective: To encourage them to prepare a topic in depth and to present it in a summarized form.

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