Teaching-Learning Activities

  • Theory classes in pharmacology. Classes are held for MBBS students, nursing students and various courses for technicians.
  • Practical classes in Pharmacology. Practicals are conducted in groups and use several teaching learning methods such as demonstrations, seminars, group discussions, tutorials etc. Videos
  • Prescription writing sessions. Students prepare prescriptions and learn how to critically reason out optimal drugs for the patient. They are held in seminar format towards the end of the MBBS course using the six – step process initiated by the WHO. Students are encouraged to make their own  p-drugs and p-formulary.
  • Hands on training using mannequins. Students are taught to perform various parenteral routes of drug administrations like Subcutaneous injection, intramuscular injection, intravenous injection and setting up of an intravenous drip after proper cannulation using mannequins.
  • Computer simulated learning. As the animal experiments are removed from the curriculum , students elicit the cardiovascular response of various drugs on  dog BP using computer simulated programme set up in our central computer lab
  • Assessments. Three sessional examinations and periodic class tests, quizzes and OSPE are conducted besides remedial measures and mentoring for students with poor attendance and marks.

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