The department of ENT is one of the few centers in Kerala where diagnostic and therapeutic nasal endoscopy is being done on a regular basis. The department has the latest Zeiss microscope,  which enables the department to do micro ear and laryngeal surgery. In addition,  routine ear,  nose and throat conditions along with oesophagoscopy and bronchoscopy are dealt with successfully. Any trauma to the region including Facio -maxillary trauma is attended to in connection with the dental and plastic surgery departments. Mini-plating for facio-maxillary fractures is also being done successfully.

In addition there is a well established department for speech and hearing impairment. Various types of audiological evaluation including impedance audiometry,  behavioral observation and special tests like SISI etc. are done here. Problems relating to different types of speech disorders, (like stuttering, disarticulation etc) delayed speech and language with hearing loss aphasia; mental retardation and autism are also dealt with.

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