Neonatology is that branch of medicine which deals with the care of the smallest and youngest of the population till one month of corrected gestation – viz. one month of age  after a full term delivery.
The MOSC Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU),  with its state of the art facility,  provides tertiary medical and surgical services for inborn neonates as well as infants referred from other centers.

Objectives of the Department of Neonatology:

  • Provide high and intermediate dependency care for neonates. The NICU would be capable of taking care of all critically ill neonates,  premature and extremely low birth weight infants.
  • Provide and care for all neonates delivered at the MOSC Hospital. This would include support for neonatal resuscitation at delivery,  management of problems like neonatal jaundice  and supportive care for high risk infants like those born to mothers with diseases complicating pregnancy.
  • Serve as a Referral Centre for all newborns of the region requiring advanced care.
  • Develop a comprehensive training centre in Neonatology;

             (a) Provide training for Paediatricians in Neonatal intensive care,  develop community neonatology modules and undertake research in topics of interest in Neonatology.
              (b) Provide training for nurses in all aspects of neonatal care,  Impart short term courses for nurses in neonatal intensive care nursing; and become a nodal point for continuing medical and nursing education

Department Activities

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