Community Medicine

Community Medicine is the branch of Medical Science that deals with health of populations. It measures the health needs of the population both sick and healthy,  plans and administer services to meet their needs and engage in research and teaching related to public health. Public health refers to "the science and art of preventing disease,  prolonging life and promoting health through organized efforts and informed choices of society,  organizations,  public and private,  communities and individuals."


Community Health Department in the MOSCMM Hospital and was established in 1972. The department was inaugurated by President of India Shri Varahagiri Venkata Giri.  Dr Valsa Thomas (1972 To 1996) was the founder Head of Department. The department started organizing Community Extension Clinics at various localities with collaboration and support of local population around the institution. Besides conducting Regular clinics various Research and Community Education activities were carried out by the department with the support from various donor agencies. 

Dr Marina Rajan Joseph (1996 to 2003) was the Head of Department after retirement of Dr Valsa Thomas. The department was actively engaged in service delivery and research activities connected with Revised National Tuberculosis Control Programme in collaboration with Health services Department. Baby Friendly Hospital initiative was implemented in the Hospital in collaboration with Indian Academy of Paediatrics and UNICEF.  Services were provided to those attending the Hospital for immunization and Family Welfare in addition to Postpartum Sterilization Services under All India Hospital Post-Partum Programme by Community Health Department
Community Health Department was providing Services to the population around some peripheral outreach centres established in collaboration with parishes located in and around the institution covering a population of about 40,000. Regular clinics were conducted in these outreach centres by a team from the department in these centres. 

Community Medicine Department succeeded the Community Health Department when the Medical College was established in 2002. The community served by the department continued as the field practice area for training of MBBS students. The projects carried out in the field practice area continued under Community Medicine Department. 

Dr Ramla Beegum M, Retired Professor from Government Medical College Kozhikode took over as Head of Department in 2003. Community Health Department was modified into a teaching establishment during her tenure (2003 – 2009). A Rural Health Training Centre and Urban Health Training Centre were established during this period.  The present head of Department Dr Accamma P K took over charge in 2009.Rural and outreach postings of interns in Primary and Secondary care Hospitals in Idukki District was started during this period.

Department Activities

Our Facilities

Family Welfare Clinic

Family Welfare Clinic is functioning in the hospital building on all working days from 9:00 AM To 4:00 PM. The major services include CuT insertion and removal, Oral contraceptive pills & condoms supply, materials being provided by the Govt. of India. Faculty from Community Medicine is posted to this Clinic on rotation basis.


Acute Flaccid Paralysis and Measles Surveillance of the WHO and Weekly Vaccine Preventable Diseases reporting to the DMO.

Counselling Services

AIDS/STD Counselling, family counselling, adolescent counselling and Individual counselling Services are being provided in the Community Medicine department on all working days.

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