Emergency Department

The department of Emergency Medicine was established in 2016 under the eminent leadership of Dr. Ajith Venugopalan MBBS, MD (EM), PGDMLE, FACEE, FICM, Head of the Department. The department is capable of handling any case that comes in 24 x 7 with the help of other specialty and super specialty departments functioning in the institution. Our services are reflected in our motto “Skills that heal hearts that care”. The major step taken up here is to change the year old system of casualty to an Emergency Medicine Department.

Facilities Available:

  1. 25,000 sq.feet area 
  2. Bed capacity : 40 
  3. Spacious ambulance bay 
  4. Department caters around 50,000 patients an annum
  5. Patient care zone
        o    Triage zone
        ​o    Fast track zone 
        ​o    Red zone (priority 1), 
      ​  o    Yellow zone (priority 2)
      ​  o    Green zones (priority 3) 
      ​  o    EM observation ward
      ​  o    Separate Resuscitation zones
      ​  o    MinorOperation theatre
        ​o    Emergency Operation theatre
      ​  o    Procedure room
      ​  o    Decontamination zone 
      ​  o    Isolation rooms
  6. Bed side point of care ultrasound facility.
  7. Hydraulic/adjustable beds
  8. Compact and portable patient monitors
  9. Defibrillators
  10. Transcutaneous pacing
  11. Infusion pumps
  12. Syringe pumps
  13. central oxygen supply
  14. Suction apparatus
  15. Emergency lab - All urgent investigations like hemogram/hematology, blood biochemistry, urine routine, urea, creatinine
  16. Blood Gas Analysis
  17. ECG
  18. X-ray unit
  19. Level D ambulance facility – Division of Transport Medicine

Services Available:

  1. 1st point of contact for all emergencies – each second counts.
  2. 24 x 7 Expert care by our trained and qualified emergency medicine physicians, nurses and supporting staffs’ for patient care.
  3. Golden hour and platinum minutes are well managed by the EM team. 
  4. Manages over 50,000 patients per annum. 
  5. Efficient to managemedical / surgical emergencies irrespective of the age group
  6. Round the clock services of medical social workers / public relation officers for supporting patients and patient bystanders.
  7.  Assess, triage, evaluate, diagnose and stabilize critical & Non critical patients
  8. Skilled for performing lifesaving procedures including 
        o    Intubation, 
        o    CPR, 
        o    Defibrillation, 
        o    Cardio version, 
        o    External pacing, 
        o    Pericardiocentesis, 
        o    ICD insertion, 
        o    Suprapubic Catheter insertion, 
        o    Central Venous Cannulation, 
        o    Ventilator Management 
        o    Point of Care Ultrasound Scan etc.
  9. Other skills of EM team includes :-
        o    Meticulous management of critical care patients 
        o     Expertise in Mechanical ventilator management 
        o     Management of difficult airways
  10. Variants of EM care

    o    Medical emergencies 
    o    Accidents and trauma care
    o    Respiratory emergencies including Asthma, COPD exacerbation, Pneumothorax etc.
    o    Neurological& neurosurgical emergencies including stroke, meningitis, acute paralysis, seizures etc.
    o    Cardiological emergencies including ACS (MI), pulmonary embolisms, aortic dissections, cardiac failure etc.
    o    Gastrointestinal emergencies including hematemesis, liver diseases etc.
    o    Environmental emergencies including burns, heat strokes, cold injuries, high altitude sickness etc.
    o    OBG emergencies including bleeding, acute abdomen etc.
    o    Oncology emergencies including febrile neutropenia, Tumor lysis syndrome etc.
    o    Psychiatric emergencies.
    o    Pediatric emergencies including seizures, foreign body, breathing difficulties etc.
    o    Surgical emergencies including acute abdomen, lacerations etc.
    o    Orthopedic emergencies including fractures, dislocations etc.
    o    EM teams also plays major role in institution cardiac arrest management (code blue)
    o    EM teams also plays pivotal role in disaster management.

Department Activities

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