The word pathology is derived from the greek words,  pathos meaning suffering and logos meaning study. Pathology is thus the scientific study of the changes in structure and function of the body in disease.
Pathologists contribute in patient management by providing final diagnosis of disease. For the student of medicine,  the discipline of pathology forms a vital bridge between initial learning phase of preclinical sciences and the final phase of clinical subjects.



The origin of the Department of  Pathology  can be traced  back to 1987 when it was started as a part of the Medical Mission Hospital. It became a full-fledged department of the Medical College in the year 2001 under the leadership of Dr. Gracy George( former JDME and  Principal of Pariyaram Medical College).

The department was set up and nurtured by a team of dedicated medical teachers - Dr. Basanti Nair (former Professor of Pathology Medical College, Kozhikode),  Dr. Geetha Gopal, (former Professor of Pathology Govt.  Medical College,Thrissur), Dr. Elizabeth Joseph (former faculty member SCTIMST Trivandrum), Dr. Anna Matthai, Dr. Latha K Abraham,  Dr. Chitra Kuriakose  and Dr. Padmaja P S.
When Dr. Gracy George left on 30-04-2011,  Dr. Anna Matthai was in charge of the department from 1-05-2011 to 30-6-2013. Dr. Elizabeth Joseph took charge on 1-07-2013 as HOD and worked till 31-05-2015. She was succeeded by Dr. UshaPoothiode (former Prof and HOD of Pathology ,Govt. Medical College,Kottayam) who joined on 01-06-2015.

Department Activities

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