Title Downloads
Aches, Pains and Headache - BMJ case reports 08jul2015
AFI - Trop Doct - mar 2015-Ittyachen-114-7
AIHA sec. to chicken pox ATMPH may 2013
Asso. bet. BMI and gly. con. BJMMR Oct. 2016
Chilaiditi's sign - EJIM Nov. 2015
Hep. &  Throm. in den. - Trop Doct. 2017
Immun. throm. - scrub typhus. BMC Res Notes. Oct 2017
MOD sec. to wasp env. - INTJEM - mar 2015
MP in ARDS lepto IJCCM 2005
Pred. of out. in pat. adm. with ac. exac. of COPD ... - J Family Med Prim Care Apr 2016
Publications of Dr. AIM - as on Feb 2018
Rec. agr. due to levam. IJP - sept 2015
Scrub typhus NMJI 2009
Severe lepto in ICU - JPGM 2007
Sis joseph node AMJMED May 2014
Th inf russ bit - SEAJTMPH - sept 2012
The forgotten view - Respir Med Case Rep. Sept. 2017
A Comparative study of variations of Lipid Profle in different stages of Chronic Kidney Disease and Hemodialysis
The Effect of Electromagnetic Radiation due to Mobile Phone Use on Thyroid Function in Medical Students Studying in a Medical College in South India

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